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Why You Should Purchase Traveler’s Insurance

travel insurance

You insure your car, even though you are familiar with it and your usual commute. You know the laws of the road and what the conditions are like in your location. You insure your home and the belongings within, even though you care for your home in an effort to prevent theft, fire, etc. You know your neighbors and feel secure where you live.

So when you go to a foreign location – drive a new car in a new place with different rules, and stay in lodging in which you’re not familiar, surrounded by people you don’t know who likely speak a language you don’t know – why would you hesitate to protect yourself and your belongings?

When you travel, you are at a greater risk of an accident or unfortunate event occurring because, simply put, things are less predictable. Fortunately, traveler’s insurance exists for this exact reason. Here are some of the options for traveler’s insurance so you can protect your dream vacation.


Medical treatment

Medical expenses may be much more expensive in the country to which you travel, so travel medical insurance is very important coverage. It generally covers inpatient and outpatient services, prescriptions, and medical evacuation if you must be transported. It also usually includes personal liability coverage for any damage or injuries you may have caused in an accident. Additionally, the cost for emergency reunion may be covered so a family member or loved one can come to your aid if you find yourself hospitalized.

Trip cancellation

If there is a chance you might not be able to make it to your dream vacation, trip cancellation coverage is good to have. If you get really sick or injured, or weather issues prevent you from getting to your destination, you’ll be covered. You can also add on an “any reason cancellation” policy for any other reason you may need to cancel.


Once you’re on your trip, Trip Interruption Coverage can help if an unforeseen circumstance causes a change in your itinerary. This can include the sickness or death of a loved one, or other personal matters back home. Travel delays and missed connections may also be covered by trip cancellation policies.

Other coverage

Medical coverage and trip cancellation coverage are usually separately purchased plans, but both of them often share some coverage options. These usually include:

         Lost baggage

         Travel assistance (translation services, etc.)

         Accidental death and dismemberment

         Repatriation of remains

You just never know if you may find yourself with an emergency far from home. Whether it’s an injury or even a lost passport, travel insurance companies are there to help you anytime you experience an unexpected bump in your journey. For more information on traveler’s insurance and other tips for traveling smart, check out Blue Shift Travel Technologies.