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5 Key Elements To A Successful Event

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So you’ve been put in charge of planning your next big company event, or perhaps you have a wedding or anniversary party to plan. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at event planning or have no experience at all, you need only follow a few basic principles to ensure that you choose the perfect event for your event that will allow it to run smoothly.

1.     Cost

It’s important to make a budget for all of your expenses before you make any deposits or commitments. Splurging on an expensive menu will feel awkward in a run-down venue, and likewise, going all out on an expensive venue with sub-par food, entertainment, decorations, etc. will also result in an incoherent event.

Look at several venues and get an idea of how much they would cost, and align this with the goals of your event and the other factors you must consider and pay for, to make sure everything falls within your budget and theme.

2.     Staff

Consider the staffing arrangement for your venue. Do they provide a staff to serve your guests, and are there additional fees for the use of their staff? Would it be more cost-effective to provide your own staff? Additionally, are there good reviews about their staff and service? It might make more sense to provide your own staff that you know would be hard-working and friendly, but it also might be convenient to have the venue worry about the service staff.

3.     Ambiance

A corporate event should have a different atmosphere than a wedding reception or baby shower. When you visit potential venues, consider the lighting and natural layout of the room. What are the light fixtures and wall décor like? If you bring in your own decorations, would the existing ambiance compliment or detract from your chosen decorations?

4.     Services/amenities

Maybe you already have a caterer that you love, or maybe you’re looking for a venue that offers catering. This is another important feature about your venue to consider. Find out if there is a kitchen at your venue, and if they provide the tables, table setting, chairs, and linens. If catering is provided, you might want to make sure they also provide a set up and clean-up crew.

If you have a presentation or other sort of media to present, make sure your venue has AV capabilities, and what equipment they provide and what you will need to bring yourself.

5.     Size/location

Lastly, you must make sure that your venue can accommodate your planned attendance. If it’s too small, your event will be stuffy and uncomfortable. If it’s too large, it will seem under-attended and unsuccessful. Aim to come slightly under the venue’s capacity level, but never significantly over or under.

While considering the size of the venue, it’s also important to consider the venue’s location, ensuring that it’s easily accessible for all of your attendees. They must be able to access it easily and have parking options available. Some people may be flying in, so a venue that is within a reasonable distance from the airport would be convenient for out-of-town attendees.

For more information on how to choose the perfect venue and find solutions for all of your event needs, visit the professionals at BlueShift Travel Technologies.