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How to Optimize Your Travel Site with Responsive Design

Having a responsive web design is truly one of the best ways to optimize your travel website. Combine responsive design with advanced intuitive booking software and your site will be unstoppable!

What is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive web design means that your website will respond and adapt to whatever device or screen it’s being viewed on. So whether your customers are using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, your site appears to be customized for that specific screen.

How Responsive Web Design Improves User Experience

Because a responsive web design is customized to accommodate different devices and screens, it greatly improves the user’s experience. Customers will find your site easy to navigate, which leads to increased conversions, and customers will be more likely to return.

How Responsive Design Improves Site Visibility

When a responsive design is in place, it has more visibility and is great for search engine optimization on sites like Google. It also means there’s no need to create two separate websites (one for mobile use and one for website), therefore affecting your content in a positive way.

The Specifics of Travel Sites

Responsive design is definitely specific when it comes to the travel industry and works well in combination with online booking software. Online booking software provides customers with a search box, search results, detailed information, and a place to book travel plans—all of which are necessary to make your travel site successful.

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At BlueShift Travel Technologies, we provide online travel agency booking software that will not only improve user experience, but also your site’s ranking. For more information about implementing a travel booking system with a responsive web design, contact us today.