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Benefits of a One Touch Booking Engine for Increased Tourism

If growing your business is as easy as simplifying your customer’s travel booking experience, why not take advantage of an online reservation system that will do just that? Here are a few of the convenient benefits a one touch booking engine provides, including how it helps to increase traffic on your site—and generate new bookings.

Customized Travel

Online reservation systems allow customers the ability to book travel plans customized for their specific needs. With the online reservation system in place, you empower your customers to book hotels, vacation homes, flights, tours, vacation packages, and more.

Real-Time Sales

Because your inventory is always up-to-date, your customers will more likely complete their transactions on your site—saving time and money in the process. This alone will help to increase your tourism sales!

Easily Measure Performance and Sales

Site visitors and sales transactions are easily viewed and measured when one touch booking is in place. Real-time reports allow you to see the number of visitors on your site and how many of those prospects were actually converted into travel reservations.  

Easy Payment System

Customers will enjoy the fact that making one payment for their entire trip is easy to do, and in one place.


The right one touch booking engine saves you AND your customers time and money. Having an online reservation system will cut down on paperwork at your end, requiring less man hours put in, and in some cases less staff in general.

Low-Cost Distribution

As a Destination Marketing Organization, you will become a low-cost distributor for the travel industry on a whole by providing the highest inventory at the lowest rates available.

The benefits seem to be never-ending when it comes one touch booking engines. For more information about BlueShift Travel Technologies and our travel booking software, contact us today!