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6 Ways to Save on Business Travel Expenses

Learn how to save time and money from the travel experts, with these 6 ways to save on business travel expenses from BlueShift Travel Technologies.

1. Get as Many Rewards as You Can

Stockpiling frequent flyer miles and rewards points definitely has its benefits, and accruing both is fairly easy. Simply sign up for frequent flyer mile programs or certain credit cards to start earning rewards immediately.

2. Check for Discounts

Before you book, make sure you try to find discounts that can be applied to your transaction. You can call the airline directly to check—many honor corporate discounts or travel agent discounts that will really help you save.

3. Book Well in Advance

It’s a well-known fact that booking last minute travel plans will cost you an arm and a leg. Give yourself time to do a little research well ahead of your scheduled trip and track fares before booking. This step alone will almost always get you lower, if not the lowest, fares available.

4. Travel Light

Airlines will charge you left and right when it comes to checked luggage. While you often get away with one bag for free, a second bag may run you $100. Make sure to check your airline’s baggage policies and stay within their guidelines, or skip checked bags altogether and shoot for carry-on.

5. Eat Smart

Food is something you can’t go without, but you can keep costs to a minimum by eating smart. Book a hotel that offers free breakfast and visit a nearby grocery store to grab a few things, instead of ordering room service. Or do just a little research with one of the many restaurant apps available to find reasonably priced restaurants in the area.

6. Expand Your Options

Don’t limit your searches when it comes to booking travel plans. There are so many travel sites from which to choose, many of which will direct you to smaller regional airports and budget airlines.

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