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3 Ways To Boost Bookings On Your Travel Site

Did you know that the average traveler visits 38 websites before booking a trip? The findings highlighted in this study show that while people are typically excited about planning a getaway vacation, the actual process of choosing a destination, booking flights and accommodations, and scheduling activities is difficult and stressful.

As the owner of a travel website, you understand the complex challenge of maintaining a high conversion rate. However, with these three tips, you can increase traffic to your site which will ultimately boost the percentage of visitors who complete the booking process.

  • KISS: Keep It Sleek and Simple

Having an interface that is difficult to navigate is one worst things you can do for your site. Instead, remember this key acronym when designing or restructuring your homepage: KISS – or Keep It Sleek and Simple. By keeping your site clutter-free and making navigation easy, users will find that searching for their desired location is quick and easy – two key elements for increasing booking rates. Having a sleek and simple website will also allow you to better direct visitor’s attention to desired subjects such as special deals, popular destinations, etc.  

  • Create A Cross-Selling Culture

Does your website offer an array of solutions for destination travelers such as hotel options, rental car deals, and airline prices? If not, it should. By using cross-selling techniques, you can increase order values while also making the booking process efficient and effective for visitors. Are travelers using your site to book a flight? If so, why not encourage them to book a hotel room with you, too, at a cheaper price. After reserving a room, how about offering them affordable rent-a-car options so they can make travel transportation a breeze? Not only does this method increase booking rates for your website, but it also makes planning travel easy for users and deters them from feeling the need to visit 37 other sites before committing to their trip.

  • Offer A Helping Hand

Like many travel sites, yours probably offers users a results page which lists search options that travelers can choose from. Instead of divulging dozens of different, often unfamiliar options to your visitors, help them make easy decisions by:

  • Displaying clear, accurate pricing with taxes and fees included
  • Showing ratings on the results page that indicate customer satisfaction
  • Including vital information like departure times and layovers, check in times and amenities, location, etc.

By simply including these staple elements on your results page, you can give visitors a clear idea of what they’ll be getting when booking with you. This transparency will ultimately increase conversion rates, boost traffic, and spur website bookings.

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