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A Mobile-Friendly Booking Site: Why You Need One Now

Mobile-friendly booking sites are essential for today’s traveler. According to a study conducted by Google, even though 56% of online users research travel products via a mobile device, only 9% of those users complete their booking on that same device.

The reason for this low conversion rate? Most likely it’s because most booking sites are not optimized for mobile use, making sluggish and cumbersome the process of reserving and paying.

The fact is, if your company wants to maximize its booking rates, you simply can’t afford NOT to give your booking site a mobile makeover. Here’s what you need to offer your mobile customers in order to take full advantage of this modern method of conducting travel research and finalizing purchases.

Full-Width, High-Resolution Photos

Since phone screens are small, your pictures need to be full width in order to show every detail. Many devices boast a high-definition screen which means your photos simply can’t have low resolution or they’ll appear fuzzy and unappealing. Use high resolution for crisp lines and saturated colors. Insert simple touch navigational tools such as tapping or sliding pictures for easy viewing.

Maps Integration

Does your hotel, vacation rental, or car rental agency integrate a map into it’s search view? Are your address and GPS coordinates correct so drivers can easily find you? Are transportation options, restaurants, and points of interest included on your map? These things are very useful to the mobile traveler and the importance of them can’t be overstated.

Payment Portal

Drop-off rates skyrocket once it comes time for your customers to reserve and pay for their booking. Much of the time this drop off is due to the fact that payment pages are too long, require too much unneeded information, and make it difficult for customers to input information quickly. These problems can be solved in part by removing unnecessary questions, using large and simple forms and buttons, and offering digital payment methods such as Apple Pay and mobile hotel check-in.

Uncomplicated Design

The whole reason consumers use mobile devices for researching and booking travel is that it’s convenient and fast to do on the go. Since this is the rationale, it makes logical sense for your booking site to have an uncomplicated, useful design for today’s busy traveler.
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