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Give Your Customers the Best Travel Booking Experience with These 3 Features

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Working in the travel business, it’s important to keep things as simple as possible for your clients. At Blue Shift Travel Technologies, we pride ourselves on creating travel booking software to not only make your job easier, but also help improve the experience for each of your clients. Here are 3 things to offer your clients if you’re looking to give them an excellent experience.

1. Single Touch Travel Booking Software

Single touch travel booking software is one feature you likely never realized was missing from your business, but once you give it a try, you won’t know how you ever lived without it. While in the past, customers were faced with the monotonous task of entering their personal information over and over again when booking several different hotels, flights, or other travel arrangements, with single touch technology, your website can easily pull information from your customer’s social media accounts and fill in most, if not all, of the necessary information. This means no more annoying work for the customer—your website can literally do all of the work for them.

2. Mobile Friendly Options for Travel Booking on the Go

Even with technology constantly at your fingertips, when you’re on the go, it’s not always easy to log into your email and confirm your travel arrangements or access the internet to book travel as you’re thinking about it. With the help of our mobile friendly travel booking software, your customers can have easy access to book travel, confirm travel plans, and search for other travel options all in one location. And better yet, our software allows you to monitor transactions customers are making in real time so you can cater your solutions to fit their needs.

3. Travel Insurance

These days, travel insurance is an absolute must for most customers, meaning insurance travel software is a necessity for you. Offering customers travel insurance allows them to feel more comfortable as they book with your company, giving them peace of mind knowing their investment in their travel plans is protected. Our software makes it easier than ever for customers to not only sign up for travel insurance, but to file claims as well.

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